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Cross Curricular Computer Science

#ComputingHour Topic 5 - Thursday 18th July 2013
"What impact can Computing have on other curriculum areas?""
Topic suggested by @Coding2Learn

Ideas for Cross-Curricular Computing
A range of ideas were tweeted by the participants:
@MsBClarke told how her students had used Scratch to create games for a Languages project.
@martinbateman suggested digital art, and data collection and analysis.
@eaglestone pointed out that there was lots of potential for the use of smart phones: video, voice, sensors, apps etc
@GeetaSmedley highlighted the potential within D&T through the use of the MaKey MaKey, as well decision diagrams, loops, if...else, etc
@SharplesICT suggested a number of ideas:
  • Using Quest for text based adventures. These could form the basis of a literacy focus as game created using Quest require well written descriptions in order to be effective.
  • Any multimedia or webpage design activity can be focused on any subject being studied - e.g. a flash guide to why leaves change colour
  • Interactive quizzes can be created in a variety of ways to support revision for other subjects
  • Video editing can link with music, drama, PE, languages - in fact just about every subject
  • Spanish footage of Real Madrid v Manchester United was subtitled into English. This was undertaken within the school as part of the European Day of Languages 
Uses in Dance and Music
@SharplesICT@martinbateman, @Jon_Torbitt and @eaglestone discussed how dance could be linked with music using motion detection to trigger the next bars of a piece of music. Dancers could move to programmed music or to programmed lights on the dance floor. It was pointed out that the new Scratch 2 can be used with a webcam for video integration . Also if Scratch users install Kinect2Scratch they will be able to allow data from the Microsoft Kinect controller to be sent to Scratch. This means that anyone can write programs with motion control, use gestures, make kinetic games and generally leap about having fun. All participants thought this had lots of potential.

Augmented Reality
@eaglestone asked if anyone had used augmented reality with apps like Aurasma? @jonbilton suggested that Aurasma would be especially useful for Performing Arts and @martinbateman added that he had thought of making a light video which would cross into Performing Arts. "Or alternative endings / interpretations" @eaglestone added.

Quest text based adventures

Summary compiled by @jonbilton

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