Saturday, 6 July 2013

Want to Moderate a #ComputingHour Session?

Would you like to host a #ComputingHour session? Please complete this form, or tweet to @computinghour

Hosting a #ComputingHour session is a great opportunity to be at the centre of a vibrant Computing discussion with like-minded people. Each #ComputingHour session lasts 1 hour and is based around two topics that are published a few days in advance. Topics are suggested by the Computing community here. The host decides upon the topics to be discussed each week. 

The idea is that moderators steer the discussion, allocating approximately 30 minutes to each pre-published topic. Moderators can contribute to the discussion as they see fit and they have the opportunity to come up with possible discussion topics themselves. Moderators also read through the tweets and compile 2 brief session summaries, one for each topic.

Tasks for the Moderator
  • Decide upon the topics to be discussed.
  • Promote the discussion to your followers using the #ComputingHour hashtag in the days and hours leading up to the session. Other hashtags that you may think are suitable could also be used.
  • Immediately ahead of the session, remind participants to use the #ComputingHour hashtag.
  • Throughout the session, engage with participants, keep the discussion flowing and on track. Retweet contributions where suitable.
  • At 10pm the moderator should formally close the session, thanking the participants for their contribution. A lively discussion may go beyond 10pm, which is excellent!
  • By the following Saturday, moderators should provide a session summary to  @ComputingHour for publication to this blog. They are welcome to also publish to their own blog should they wish to do so.
Do you fancy hosting a #ComputingHour session? Please complete this form, or tweet to @computinghour  
Suggest Topics or Moderate Future Sessions

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